K U C H I K I    B Y A K U Y A

Ichigo’s Family!
Draw by … me … XDDD
just for fun in my village :)
Hope you like it ;) 


Ichigo’s Family!

Draw by … me … XDDD

just for fun in my village :)

Hope you like it ;) 

If Rukia and Masaki were locked in a room…


As requested by anon. :)

[Want to see other characters being locked in a room?]

Masaki: Hello!

Rukia: Hi!


Rukia: Um, sorry, but who are you?

Masaki: I’m Kurosaki Masaki. Ichigo’s mom.

Rukia: !!!

Rukia: Oh my goodness, I’ve heard - 


Rukia: So little about you, actually.

Rukia: Ichigo doesn’t always like to share.

Masaki: Yes, I imagine I’m a little hard to talk about, given how I died.

Masaki: Also it was only recently that he heard the whole truth himself.

Rukia: The whole truth?

Masaki: Yes! About how I died. How his father and I met. And how I’m a Quincy.

Rukia: T-that sounds like a long story.

Masaki: Oh, I don’t know! I think it’s all simple, really. Ichigo’s father was a shinigami. I was a Quincy. We met when I protected Isshin from a hollow. He repaid me by saving me from death.

Masaki: Then we got married!




Masaki: What? 

Rukia: It’s just, um, that Ichigo and I had a kind of similar experience.

Masaki: You married my son??

Masaki: That’s so amazing! Congratulations!

Rukia: What?? N-no! I meant the rest of it!

Rukia: We met when I saved *him* from a hollow. And then he repaid me by saving my life when I was almost executed. 

Masaki: Wow, I guess he takes after his father, huh?

Rukia: Not that he would ever admit it.

Rukia: Although the parallels aren’t perfect…

Rukia: I’m the shinigami.

Rukia: He’s the human with powers.

Masaki: [smiling]

Rukia: What?

Masaki: Oh, given everything that’s going on with the Quincy war right now, it’s nice to know that shinigami and Quincy can still be friends when they meet under non-battle conditions!

Masaki: Gives me hope, you know?

Rukia: Although I didn’t know he was a Quincy when I rescued him.

Rukia: Not until this moment, actually.

Rukia: Man, that guy is literally everything!

Masaki: Oh, I know. But looking at you…I figure you would still have saved him even if he had been wearing a Quincy uniform, right?

Rukia: Well sure!

Rukia: I had literally no idea who they were back then!


Rukia: And also there was something about Ichigo.

Rukia: They way he looked so much like Shiba Kaien…

Masaki: Yeah….that’s Isshin’s nephew, by the way.

Rukia: WHAT

Masaki: You and Ichigo really need to talk, huh?


Masaki: Don’t worry, though! Ichigo doesn’t seem the type to hold a grudge after all you’ve been through together.

Masaki: Even if you did kill his cousin!


Masaki: My original point was just that it seems like Quincy and shinigami have the potential to get along.

Masaki: Isshin and I prove it. You and Ichigo prove it. Ishida and Ichigo prove it.

Rukia: Yeah, I recently watched this Quincy named Bazz-B just obviously flirting with my friend Renji.

Masaki: There you go!

Masaki: I wonder if there’ll ever be peace?

Rukia: Heh. When you say that, you remind me of my friend Inoue.

Rukia: She says things like that.

Masaki: What do you think?

Rukia: I guess it’s possible. The arrancars and espada seem to be on our side now.

Rukia: But only if we have to band together against some other, bigger enemy.

Masaki: Yes, that does seem to work wonders!

Masaki: And then, when it’s over, are you going to date my son?

Rukia: ???

Masaki: Parallels exist for a reason, Rukia.



lorkster requested: "A request for IchiRuki and family(Isshin, Yuzu, Karin, Byakuya…*wonders if Hisana can make a cameo*)"

ichiruki + [ family ]

took the scanlation from here
(the rest are all raws i’ve collected from various places)